“沉默是金”是我们华人流传了几个世纪的金玉良言,它也是我们避免冲突寻求安宁和平的处事之道。但是今天,我们国际华人心理与援助专业协会(ACHPPI)无法再保持沉默。我们意识到集体的沉默和失声是对少数族裔和边缘群体所遭受不公正对待以及压迫的一种纵容。最近在美国发生的乔治·弗洛伊德之死事件,以及之前一系列与暴力执法有关的黑人死亡事件,都反映了美国社会对少数族裔群体特别是黑人群体在系统和制度层面的种族歧视 、暴力和压迫。在此,我们向受害者以及他们家人表达无条件的支持和由衷的哀悼。

  我们意识到,包括种族歧视在内的各种形式的歧视是对少数族裔和边缘群体暴力和压迫的根源。自新冠病毒流行以来, 我们看到了民族主义、白人至上主义以及一些政治人物的部分言论直接或间接地加强了种族歧视、对少数族裔的仇恨犯罪、以及仇外和反移民浪潮,这使得很多包括华裔/亚裔在内的有色人群遭到人身攻击、财产损失,甚至于失去生命。我们也认识到歧视不仅仅发生在美国或西方社会,中国以及一些其他国家和地区也存在着很多显性或隐性的歧视,比如对不同地域、社会阶层、肤色以及性身份认同的群体的歧视,最近更出现了包括对新冠肺炎病人及其家属和来自重点疫区群体的歧视现象。这一系列的事件都促使我们反思,作为心理学家、专业助人者、科研和教育工作者,我们对社会公正和平等承担着什么样的责任,又该如何践行我们的使命?


Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Statement
Association of Chinese Helping Professionals and Psychologists—International (ACHPPI)

June 3, 2020

For centuries, “silence is golden” has been advocated and practiced among Chinese around the globe, for achieving calmness and peace in one’s mind. Today, we, as the Association of Chinese Helping Professionals and Psychologists – International (ACHPPI) could no longer remain silent. We recognize that collective silence contributes to the systemic injustice and institutional oppression that racial and ethnic minorities in the United States face, especially in the Black community. The recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are just a few of the many lives that have been lost to anti-Black oppression and violence. We want them and their families to know that we see you, hear you, and stand with you. We mourn with you and join you in your grief. 

We recognize that racism is at the root of such violence committed against people of color. It is also the root of discrimination against immigrants of color, refugees, and individuals with international backgrounds. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed the climate of hate created by extremists and political party leaders. They have directly or indirectly encouraged hate crimes, racism, or xenophobia by using anti-Chinese rhetoric as well as amplifying white supremacist and anti-immigrant sentiments. Countless individuals of color encountered racist attacks, lost properties, or even lives. It is pivotal that we all recognize violence only begets more violence. Racist and hatred violent behaviors against people of color need to stop.

We also acknowledge that discrimination is not unique to the United States or Western societies. Overt and covert discrimination is ubiquitous in China as well as other countries and areas. Discrimination based on region of origin, social class, skin color, and sexual identity occur on a daily basis. Recently, there has even been discrimination against patients contracted with coronavirus, their families, and individuals from epidemic affected areas in China. The series of events has prompted us to reflect on our social responsibilities as psychologists, clinicians, researchers, and educators.

As a professional organization, we stand ready to add our voice to advocate for social justice and to promote a healthy and equitable world that embraces diversity and inclusion. We call for taking action against inequality and injustice while respecting the essential worth of all human beings.  We propose to organize forums to start engaging in meaningful dialogues and reflection on discrimination and social justice issues. We also encourage members of ACHPPI to take action through non-violent means to establish a healthy and caring society that we all love. 

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